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Imagine Buckeye 2040 Public Outreach

Since the beginning of the Imagine Buckeye 2040 project, there have been 75 various public outreach efforts involving diverse stakeholders. Some of the outreach types include the distribution of flyers and public notices, workshops, City Council and City Commission updates, GPAC meetings, and attendance at city events. The public outreach has involved several key stakeholders, such as the Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Main Street Coalition, Luke Air Force Base, the White Tank Mountain Conservancy, the Arizona State Land Conservancy, Development Partnering Groups, and other local and state agencies.
Most recently, the City Council provided input on the 2040 Future Land Use Plan at their meeting on May 16, 2017.
All community input will be used to prepare the draft General Plan, which is expected in late fall 2017.
A list of public outreach efforts can be found on the Imagine Buckeye 2040 website here.

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Imagine Buckeye 2040 Vision

As part of the Imagine Buckeye public outreach, the residents and the General Plan Advisory Committee have collectively developed the following Vision Statement to guide the 2040 General Plan:

“Buckeye in 2040 is an innovative, visionary, healthy, and forward-thinking community that is safe and secure with diverse employment, housing, education and business opportunities. Buckeye offers rural to urban lifestyles with a genuine sense of heritage while being good stewards of our natural resources, open spaces and overall quality of life.”

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Results of 2nd Public Workshop

Thank you to all who attended and participated in the second set of public workshops held on November 15th – 17th for the General Plan Update, “Imagine Buckeye 2040”. The results of the workshops are now completed and are posted Here.

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Great Ideas Generated at 1st Public Workshops

Thank you to all who attended the first set of Public Workshops held Monday through Wednesday (May 9th – 11th) for the City’s General Plan update, “Imagine Buckeye 2040”. The workshops were held in three locations in the city, and we had a great turnout of over 100 residents. Those attending learned more about the General Plan update process and provided their ideas on the future of Buckeye.

If you would like to provide additional input or were not able to attend the first set of workshops, please leave a comment on the green “Comments” tab on the left hand side of the webpage. To join our e-mail list to find out about future events, click the orange “Join eMail List” button and send us your eMail address.

The results of the workshops can be found here.



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1st Public Workshop Summary

The City held its first set of public workshops May 9th – 11th for the General Plan update, “Imagine Buckeye 2040”. The workshops were designed to: educate residents about the General Plan update, conduct brainstorming exercises to identify opportunities and challenges facing the community, and finally, to create an overall vision statement for the Plan.

In order to reach as many residents as possible, the workshops were held in three different locations with one each in the north, central and south areas of the city. This approach helped make the workshops a success, drawing in 113 people over the three nights.

The workshops began with a presentation explaining the General Plan update, which included a set of survey questions to gauge residents’ viewpoints on Buckeye’s needs. The overall consensus was that that the General Plan should address: Buckeye as a “Community that is Safe and Well-Prepared” as well as strategies to preserve the “Natural Environment”. Residents also rated the availability of retail and entertainment as poor. Residents agreed that the biggest threat to Buckeye’s future is the “Lack of Jobs” and “Lack of Shopping”. Finally, residents were in agreement that the most important aspect of the update should be to address “Diverse Employment” and “Retail Shopping” opportunities.


The second exercise involved developing a Vision Statement for the General Plan. During this exercise, participants were asked to individually create a vision statement using a ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ worksheet. Afterwards, the table came together to write one vision statement that best reflected everyone’s ideas. The results of the Vision Statement exercise will be reviewed by staff and forwarded to the General Plan Advisory Committee in order to create a common vision to guide the General Plan update.


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